All the Books

All the Books is a series curated by Hidden Architecture where we review and analyze current architectural books and publications that share a similar approach or interest as this magazine.
All the Books es una serie comisariada por Hidden Architecture donde realizamos reseñas y análisis sobre libros y publicaciones de arquitectura que comparten los mismos planteamientos e intereses de esta revista.

Transformations in Classical Architecture | New Directions in Research and Practice


Modern Architecture and Climate: Design before Air Conditioning

United States. 2020

Poolology of Housing

Switzerland. 2019

Pool Architekten

Cul zuffel e l’aura dado. Gion A. Caminada

Switzerland. 2018

Gion Antoni Caminada

Archives 4 | Souto de Moura

Spain. 2019

Souto de Moura

Three love blinks and a note of despair: El Croquis 201. Caruso St John 2013-2019

Spain. 2019

Caruso St John

Charlotte Perriand. Complete Works Volume 4. 1968-1999

Switzerland. 2019

Charlotte Perriand

Claude Parent: Visionary Architect


Claude Parent

Analogue Oldnew Architecture

Switzerland. 2019

Miroslav Sik, Eva Willenegger and Lukas Imhof

The Plan of Chicago

United States. 1909

Daniel H. Burnham, Edward H. Bennett

Case Milanesi. 1923-1973

Italy. 2017

Orina Simona Pierini, Alessandro Isastia

Fernando Higueras. Desde el Origen

Spain. 2019

Fernando Higueras