All the Books

All the Books is a series curated by Hidden Architecture where we review and analyze current architectural books and publications that share a similar approach or interest as this magazine.
All the Books es una serie comisariada por Hidden Architecture donde realizamos reseñas y análisis sobre libros y publicaciones de arquitectura que comparten los mismos planteamientos e intereses de esta revista.

The Plan of Chicago

United States. 1909

Daniel H. Burnham, Edward H. Bennett

Case Milanesi. 1923-1973

Italy. 2017

Orina Simona Pierini, Alessandro Isastia

Fernando Higueras. Desde el Origen

Spain. 2019

Fernando Higueras

Mies y la gata Niebla.

Spain. 2019

Andrés Jaque. Office for Political Innovation

A History of Housing in New York City. Revised edition

United States. 2016

Richard Plunz

Peter Märkli: Everything one invents is true

Switzerland. 2017

The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture | Spanish Edition


Pier Vittorio Aureli

Victor Lundy Artist Architect

United States. 2018

Donna Kacmar

Oíza: The business of living

Spain. 2018

Javier Vellés