Hidden Architecture was created in February 2015 between Madrid and Liverpool by Alberto Martínez García and Héctor Rivera Bajo.
Hidden Architecture fue lanzado en Febrero de 2015 entre Madrid y Liverpool por Alberto Martínez García y Héctor Rivera Bajo.

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Alberto Martínez García (Madrid, Spain. 1988)

Architect from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) and Master of Architecture II post-professional degree from The Cooper Union (New York). Currently living and working in New York, I have previously worked and lived in Shanghai, Amsterdam, Portugal, England and Madrid. My interests include the importance of history in contemporary architecture, the evolution of housing and the expression of contemporary culture in the in the small scale such as interior and product design.
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Héctor Rivera Bajo (Ciudad Real, Spain. 1987)

 Architect from Higher Technical School of Architecture of Alcalá (ETSAUAH). After some years studying and working at Lisboa and Madrid, I am currently settled down in Zürich. My interests are focused on the use of certain spatial patterns within the domesticity realm to trace Territorial Hierarchies and produce identity by social and community space. This approach to the Infraestructural Nature of Architecture must be considered from a critical attitude in regard to architectural historiography.
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Marta López García
Graduated as an Architect from the Higher Technical School of
Architecture of Alcalá de Henares (ETSAG-UAH), Madrid. Awarded with an
Erasmus grant I spend an academic year at the Polytechnic University
of Krakow. I currently live and work in Wales (UK), from where I
explore the field of sustainability and biophilic design and research
about the boundless work of women in architecture.

Biljana Janjušević

Biljana Janjusevic is an architect, master graduate from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden(2019) with a background of architectural education at University of Montenegro(2015). Parallel to professional engagement in architecture, I cherish genuine interests in wider social implications of design and its correlation to the society and cultural heritage. My attitude towards built environment reflects a consistent personal aim to act sustainably and promote sustainable thinking in architectural praxis, by merging ever evolving artistic values, philosophical learning and professional experiences. I am working as interior architect at the moment, but my experiences include building design, lighting and product design as well.

Germán Andrés Chacón

Architect by Higher Technical School of Architecture of Alcalá (ETSAUAH) and Madrid (ETSAM). Former student in Lisboa and Santiago de Chile, currently working in Madrid. He is interested in the theoretical issues of architecture and their effect on the built environment as well as focused on collective housing design. @gandreschacon (Instagram).

Matthew Bellomy
Current student at the University of Kansas, set to graduate with a Masters’ degree in architecture in the spring of 2019. I have previously lived and worked in Paris which greatly influenced my work, particularly the political aspects of architecture. Inspired from my experiences there, I have begun a thesis centered around the horizontal distribution of construction knowledge, partly informed by the Participatory Movement of the 1970s and also using my ongoing experience as a teaching assistant for a design-build course at the university. In addition to architecture, I experiment with sculpture, art, and writing all focusing on the method of ‘collage’.


Ángela Parra Sánchez–Moliní 

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