La Congiunta Museum
Giornico, Switzerland. 1992
Architect: Peter Märkli

‘Our profession is an old language and it has a grammar‘

‘For me the proportion of a building and its part are crucial.
Through my studies of various rules of proportion –the Golden Section,
the Triangulum, the Modulor and so on- I have developed my own system of
proportion. This cannot by itself guarantee a good building, but it is a
vital tool’.

‘What arose was not a total works of art, but rather a work
that reflects on the ways in which sculpture and architecture might
define each other without glossing over the divide that, since the
Renaissance, has separated the two spheres. And this is the significance
of the project. La Congiunta is a radical architectural meditation, an
assertion that, at best, two sovereign works can encounter each other
and achieve a correspondence based on a related stance’. 

Peter Märkli
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