Cité des Étoiles
Givors, France, 1974-1981
Architect: Jean Renaudie

“Architecture is the physical form which envelops human lives in all the complexity of their relations with their environment.”
Jean Renaudie, 1968
“In my opinion, Jean Renaudie is one of the very best French
architects of the last fifty years. His two housing complexes in Ivry
sur Seine near Paris (…) and in Givors near Lyon are two very successful
examples of architecture becoming urban in an era (50’s-60’s) that
created what is now famous as the French suburbs catastrophe. In fact,
those two housing complexes are extremely interesting in the fact that
they embody a real urban density, mix several social levels, organize
urban life on a multitude of storeys, blur the limits between private
and public areas and supply a little piece of garden to every apartment.
This architecture is full of episodes, surprizing moments of beauty in
an urban artefact/landscape full of hideaways.”
Léopold Lambert