Parco Centrale di Prato

Milan. Italy. 2016
Architects: Elia Zenghelis and Dogma

“Our project reconsiders the theme of the garden and envisions the park as a sequence of continuously diversified gardens. Evoking the theme of the garden does not mean to go backwards in history, on the contrary it means to go forward and beyond the idea of a park as a place for passive contemplation of nature, proposing instead the park as a space for diversity, sharing, solidarity among citizens. As in a medieval garden, the contemporary garden is a space composed by different “rooms”, always changing, whose vegetal and mineral forms respond to the wishes of the citizens of Prato. T he project we propose for the Parco Centrale di Prato must be intended as a first layout setting the rhythm for future situations, various and unexpected […].”

Every Image and drawing by Dogma and Elia Zenghelis
Parco Centrale di Prato”. Hidden Architecture