Leavengood Residence
St. Petersburg, Florida. USA. 1951-1960
Architect: Paul Rudolph

Here. for the first time, the simple rectangular mass characteristic of Twitchell and Rudolph’s work is raised a full story above the ground. Rudolph takes this opportunity to exploit the third dimension, introducing a new, vibrant complexity into architectural space.

The house mass is suported by a cantilevered from thin pipe columns as if suspended in air, and is located between two large sculptural pine trees – foils to the geometry. Block constructions acts as contrasting earthbound element. A screened patio area below becomes a two-storey volume with various spaces opening into it; low ceilings open to high ceilings, with a vaieaty of layers of space and enclosure. Insect screening with only the slightest visual presence tenuosly defines space, while rough-sawn cypress, painted wood, bamboo blinds and glass of varying transparences bound and expand space in their own ways. The Leavengood House is the culmination of the structural and formal system begun with the Deeds Residence -horizontal roof plane of concealed wood framing, interior screened patio, intense materiality, and precise craft. Familiar elements from previous projects are brought together here in a new rich synthesis.

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