Collaborator Series

[Sí] is a series curated by Marta López García where she wills to shed light on a twice silenced reality. The goal remains to recover and spread pieces of architecture displaced to the periphery; although this time focused on the work of female architects.

Northern Lights is a series curated by Biljana Janjušević, which has strong focus on the experience of the spatial manifestation of light in Scandinavian architecture, as well as carefully crafted detailing in wood as a traditional Nordic material. Sustainable aspects of vernacular architecture, being successfully translated in the contemporary architectonics, represent the other focal point of the research.

Obscured by Clouds is a series curated by Biljana Janjušević about architectural heritage of Balkans region, with emphasis on local interpretation of Yugoslav socialist modernism. The concept is fragmented into mini-series, depending on the state with an aim to raise awareness of lesser known architecture of Mediterranean region.

Right to Afford is a series curated by Angela Parra Sánchez–Moliní that aims to open a line of debate and criticism on the current situation of Social Housing through the investigation and analysis of a selection of so-called “Council Houses”, which emerged in London throughout the twentieth century. To extract a global vision of the Serie and not the study of isolated works, we will go to parameters not only purely architectural but sociological and urban.

Beyond Los Andes is a series curated by Germán Andrés Chacón that explores the approach of modernity and the following tendencies on Chilean architecture through the analysis of some of its works, seeking to reveal the features that define its specific nature.

Listening Rooms

Listening Rooms is a series curated by Biljana Janjusevic that propose mapping of the crucial interior design movements, in order to reinterpret their role to the architecture as a discipline and their importance in contemporary (and past) everyday life.